"There is more to touch than meets the eye”



As my hands harmoniously intermingle with the material, it becomes a meditation. The sensation of touch enhances as I become immersed in these very moments, I forget about the camera and my surroundings. The only experience that is happening is my body engaging with the material, touching and feeling its qualities, manipulating it, allowing it to cover my hands with itself. I contemplate its materiality, my kinesthesia and my ability to perceive it. And then, a moment happens; a veritable touching of the touch, when my right hand touches my left had whilst it is palpating the materials.


Merleau-Ponty uses the word “chiasm” to refer to an interconnection of the subject and the object when his two hands touch. When your left hand is touching your right hand, your right hand is touching your left hand; both hands are touching objects yet at the same time they are subjects that are perceiving.


(above are the video stills and below you can view some of the short video extracts)

'Untitled' - There is more to touch than meets the eye




'Untitled' - There is more to touch than meets the eye




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